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Building software in a fast growing product company means that whatever we do today may have a huge impact on us in the future – as the team, user base and complexity grow. It requires building things that can stand the test of time, scale and even changing requirements. In such an environment great technical decisions and engineering principles are what makes the difference between extendable, scalable software and frequent needs to rewrite pieces of the product. This is why great technical leadership at Base is so important in our mission to make thousands of people many times more productive.

We’re now looking for an experienced engineer or ex-engineer who, rather than progressing into people management, wants to grow their impact and yet stay close to technology. If you see that your potential is best used when, thanks to your knowledge and experience, you can affect long-term technical decisions, lead complex projects and help other engineers become great then we’d love to hear from you. For the right person, this can be an opportunity to truly challenge yourself and grow your impact.

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