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Android Developer

Krakow, Poland


In the last few years, we saw a gradual shift in technology usage patterns. People use their mobile devices to perform more and more daily tasks they used to do on their laptops and PCs. This applies not only to communication, entertainment or other personal tasks, but also to business activities. At Base we embrace this change and build the first CRM for the post-PC world.

What do we work on?

We want to deliver best user experience, so we chose to develop native Android application following Android design guidelines. It presents challenges on it’s own, but our business domain is also ripe with many interesting problems to solve. If you think the “CRM” is the synonym of “booooo-hooo-oooo-ring”, you can’t be more wrong. Here are just a few out of several projects we worked on that may spark your interest:


People rarely use just one device to access your data – they usually have two-out-of-three of the phone, tablet and laptop trinity. Keeping all these gadgets in sync in a completely transparent way is not a trivial thing. We have developed sync infrastructure that’s blazing fast and robust.

Dialer overlay

When you get the incoming call, having a quick reminder about the business relationship with the caller can be invaluable. Our Android app displays the overlay over the system dialer with the latest data gathered in our system.

Email integration

The major part of the communication between Base customers and their customers is done via email. It’s crucial to match their emails with leads, contacts and deals present in the system. As a bonus, Base prioritizes dozens of emails our users receive, so once they wake up early in the morning they know exactly what to start with. We also analyze message sentiments so we can let our users know that specific deal is at risk or likely to be won. Immediately.

Automated data gathering

Speaking of data gathering: the most mind-numbing and soul-sucking part of the sales representatives’ work is filling out the reports of their daily activities. Base automates this part of work by matching every call, text message and email to our users’ business contacts. This information is later presented in user friendly fashion.

Notification system

In every line of work you need to be notified about important events as soon as possible. We built the robust notification system that syncs across all your devices to give you the right information at the right time.

How do we work?

Developers at Base choose their own tools. It starts with hardware and software, but extends also to 3rd party libs. You can focus on Android app development – We have the backend devs and designers to support you. Dedicated test engineers will not only break your code but will also point you experience problems before you ship it to the customers. We provide you with everything you need to be 100% productive.

We all love coding, but we really get high on shipping the code to our customers. In the last two and a half year we had over 100 releases of Android app.

We draw deep from the Open Source well, and we feel obliged to give something back. Our team members are active in Android community in Poland, blog about Android programming,and pull as much as possible from Base code into open source libraries.

If you want to learn more about the things we do with Android, take a look here: https://lab.getbase.com/android/

What do we expect from our candidates?

We’re looking for the people described by Joel Spolsky as “smart and getting things done”.

You have to be smart, because when you develop the app of Base scale you have to solve many technical challenges you won’t ever encounter when developing simpler Android apps. You need to be able to push the limits of Android app development each and every day.

You should get things done, because we don’t solve technical only for the sake of solving them, and we don’t have infinite amount of time to do so. We write code to build the tools that make our customers 10x more productive at what they do.

You’ll need to handle tons of Java code, so you also need solid OOP skills, and you should obviously know Android SDK like a back of your hand.

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What we offer
  • Ownership of the projects you work on
  • Team of passionate people who love what they do
  • Interesting projects, ability to implement your own ideas and improvements
  • Opportunity to learn and grow
  • Full time contract of employment

And everything you need to do your job effectively:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Professional development funds
  • Comfortable office, choice of your own laptop and other tools, daily catered breakfasts and lunches
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