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Frontend Platform Software Engineer

Krakow, Poland

About Zendesk (and Base)

Frustrated by our own experience with CRM, we founded Base in 2009 based on a strong internal belief that businesses deserve better, smarter software. We’ve grown to over 5,000 customers across the globe and in September 2018 got acquired by Zendesk to shape the future of customer relationship management together.

Our mentality is to take the art of sales and transform it into actionable information to help sales organizations take their growth to the next level. We believe in a collaborative working style with a bias towards rapid prototyping, experimentation and a strong curiosity for our customers and their needs.

Only a very tiny fraction of software ever built actually made a lasting, significant change - moved the needle. For us, this is one of these chances when the right idea, the right people and circumstances come together and create an opportunity to make a small dent in the universe.

Role Description

You’ll be a part of the team, which helps our users get the best web experience as quickly as possible. You’ll achieve this by choosing, advocating and enforcing best practices, recognizing and solving complex system-wide issues and creating reusable components used by the product teams to build experiences. You’ll also directly influence fellow engineers - through reviews, knowledge sharing and work on tooling used for development, testing, deployments & monitoring.

As Zendesk Sell is a big & complex Single Page Application, you’ll be working with:

  • Modern stack – React, Redux, GraphQL, CSSModules, Sagas, RxJS
  • Extensive tooling - Webpack, ESLint, Flow, Jest, TestCafe, CodeShift
  • External services - Cloudfront, AWS Lambda, New Relic Insights, Sentry, Apollo Engine
  • Large monorepo with 200+ packages and tooling that runs only what’s necessary
  • Living Style Guide for development and reference
  • Component based UI
  • Deep analytics to understand adoption, performance and catch errors
  • Deployment system allowing release of multiple branches in parallel for testing or staged releases
What we’re looking for?
  • Strong programming skills and excellent knowledge of JavaScript
  • Passion for modern frontend development and deep understanding of it’s principles
  • Ability to dive deep into app’s underpinnings - profilers, debuggers, transpilers, bundlers, etc.
  • Being user-centric and analytical
  • Working proficiency in English - being able to communicate on a daily basis
What do we offer?
  • Ownership of the projects you work on
  • Feeling the impact that your work has on the customer and fellow engineers
  • A team of passionate and accountable people that loves what they do
  • Interesting projects, ability to implement your own ideas and improvements
  • Opportunity to learn and grow, working on a big SPA
  • Option to release parts of work as Open Source and be involved in OSS projects
  • Working with cutting edge technologies
  • Ambitious mission with consistent strategy

And everything you need to do your job effectively:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Professional development funds
  • Comfortable office, daily catered breakfasts, and lunches

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