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Meet The Bold Italic

SF online magazine and events hub streamlines their sales with Sell

About the Company

The Bold Italic is a San Francisco based online magazine, events hub and creative agency.

The Challenge

The Bold Italic is an online magazine and events hub that celebrates the free-wheeling spirit of city living in San Francisco, CA. Epitomizing the startup culture of the Bay Area, The Bold Italic found their pipeline rapidly growing as they gained more popularity. However, with a diverse sales pipeline they soon realized they would need a customizable database to track their communication. Sales Manager, Kyle Hughes, explains how he has come to redefine his sales process as he spearheads the use of Sell at The Bold Italic.

Early on, The Bold Italic used a mix of spreadsheets and Basecamp to manage their sales. However, spreadsheets failed to provide a cohesive view of their pipeline while Basecamp failed to give them an all-in-one CRM. After finding and implementing Sell in 2014, the team slowly began to shift towards putting all of their information in one system. While many team members continue to use their own management methods, Kyle decided that the only way to achieve real sales success was to fully commit his entire process to Sell. This deviation from the status quo proved to be valuable and the numbers show it. “The first six months I was here it was difficult for me to get a handle on what was going on. I think what helped me the most was taking a leap and putting everything that I had into Sell. Because that’s what Sell is, it’s a total CRM.”

The Solution

As a member of a small, two-person sales team at The Bold Italic, Kyle jumped head first into taking advantage of what Sell had to offer. Before long, Kyle’s entire sales process was embedded in Sell. “It feels really intuitive to me, it feels like a system that makes sense and relates to how a salesperson goes about their day,” he explains. Kyle now uses Sell to manage his leads, follow through his sales pipeline, and track his progress. Features like the Contact Clipper have made it significantly easier for him to collect information from contacts on LinkedIn, allowing him to save time on simple tasks like converting contacts to leads.

Reporting and performance tools have also helped Kyle and the rest of the team meet their weekly sales goals. “We have aggressive goals and it’s really fun to use the Sales Goals Report for some friendly competition in the office. The flags on the goals sheet show you where you need to be to hit your quota, and it motivates us to reach our goals.” Customization has also proven to be an important factor in shaping The Bold Italic’s CRM experience with Sell. “It’s great having an easy way to customize the deals, contacts and accounts pages so we have everything that we need to succeed,” explains Kyle.

The Results

Over the course of the past year alone, Kyle has seen significant progress in his sales.

“Once I made the switch and decided to put everything into Sell, I doubled my sales.”

Doubling his sales in the span of six months is a tremendous accomplishment that not many sales managers can boast in their first year at a company. Kyle attributes his success to the productivity-centric environment that Sell provides.

“Base is really a natural fit. It doesn’t create any friction when you’re setting up a sale from end to end. A CRM has to be frictionless in order to be effective, and Sell is.”

Sell helped The Bold Italic optimize their sales pipeline and gave Kyle a platform that allowed him to enhance his sales skills and streamline his process. Kyle looks forward to spreading his Sell success with the company so that they too can share the same success.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

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