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The Window Outfitters

Global wholesale company streamlines processes with Base custom integrations

The wholesale industry has had a longstanding tradition of brick and mortar businesses. Texas based wholesale company, The Window Outfitters (TWO), was looking to change that. Founded in 2007, TWO has grown into a leading window furnishings business, and includes global sales teams in the US and Australia. As their business grew, TWO began to question the CRM they had in place. Chief Operations Officer, Shelby Stanley, spearheaded TWO’s decision to build a mobile-centric sales environment with integrations that would boost productivity.


Aiming to shift their sales process to a completely mobile environment, TWO initially pursued developing a custom solution. Yet, Shelby soon realized that a custom solution would not necessarily be the right solution. “Our primary goal was to find something that was built to work in a mobile environment. Within one month of deployment, I knew that our newly built CRM wasn’t going to work,” explains Shelby. Six weeks after deploying their custom solution, Shelby would find a platform that perfectly married the mobility and integrations TWO needed to meet the needs of their consumer sales team.


In order to get their team up and running with Base, TWO had two absolute musts: custom integrations with Pandadoc and Xero, and a fast deployment. “We believe very strongly in streamlining repetitive admin tasks. So we knew that we wanted a quoting system and a complete accounting package added to Base.” Today, TWO sales reps are able to raise a quote and have that information feed back directly into Base. Once a deal has been approved, the data is sent to Xero where payment is administered. Each service is plugged into Base, delivering a seamless selling experience all around.

Shelby notes that while the hands-on nature of their sales force can be a “tough crowd” to win over, the implementation was “one of the smoothest deployments [she] had ever done.” In fact, Base’s intuitive design has made learning accessible to the point where Shelby now schedules less follow up training with TWO’s remote teams. “I went to Australia and spent a few days training our remote sales teams. I found that follow up training wasn’t needed like before because the guys were exploring Base and eager to learn on their own.” Such eagerness began to show within just a few weeks of implementation.

“Within two weeks our conversion rate started building. I was getting emails daily from reps who were excited about Base.”

High adoption means good data that yields actionable reports. “Once we implemented Base, I realized that one of the most important aspects of our sales process, time to first action, was two days. We’re a commodity business so this was crucial to our conversion rates. Base made this issue visible to us and we were able to drop our time to first action by 24 hours. Now our reps reach out to prospects the same day.”

These tools help The Window Outfitters take their sales to the next level faster than ever.


For Shelby, it’s always been about giving their sales teams what they need to succeed. “I wanted to find a solution that was passionate about solving problems for salespeople. I found that with Base.” Today, TWO’s sales teams have developed more clarity and depth in their sales process. Likewise, TWO’s management team now has the analytical insights it always wanted, without burdening its reps.

“The biggest thing I love about Base is that I don’t need to ask my reps to update the database at the end of a long day. They don’t need to change their workflows – Base has become a natural part of their workflow.”

Join TWO and drastically improve your time to first action.

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