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Enterprise CRM

Everything you'd expect from an Enterprise-grade sales productivity suite, with the speedy innovation of a fast-moving start-up.

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Built for salespeople

While major technology players have extensive resources, their size and corporate strategies can make it hard to innovate quickly. In the case of CRMs, new additions that incorporate several different lines of businesses force salespeople to work in disparate systems, or require that they spend time on non-selling related activities hinder growth. Base approaches sales productivity from a sales-first stand point. Setting aside pre-conceived notions of what a CRM should look like, Base puts the needs of salespeople at the forefront, focusing on the tools and solutions that will help them sell more and close deals faster.

Rapid versioning

We push out new features and updates almost every other week. Yes, every other week, because we’re a leader in CRM innovation. With the fast pace of change in technology you shouldn’t compromise on three new minor versions a year. We iterate fast, and often, to respond to emerging technologies or sales trends. Because Base is hosted in the cloud, all updates happen automatically without requiring any work on your side. With Base, you’ll never be left behind.

Up to 6X faster implementation

No overheads or wasting time with unnecessary consulting projects. With Base, you can get going at a fraction of the time compared to any other CRM solution, leveraging our built in automated setup guide that does all the work for you. Base’s ease-of-use significantly reduces training time and the technology platform allows for a quick roll out of any and all necessary integrations.

Intuitive tools with zero learning curve

Changing major workflows and implementing new tools can be disruptive and lengthy for enterprise companies. Built with sales people in mind, Base does not require an additional admin or training to get up and running on day one. Base commands one of the highest user-adoption ratings for CRM due to its easy to use UI and robust simplicity. Further, Base integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Google Apps, and a wealth of other apps so you can continue using the tools you love with a sales tool designed to boost your productivity ten-fold. Base’s open read-write API allows for a quick and easy integration. A team of dedicated in-house developers will work with your team to ensure a timely and smooth implementation. Getting two systems to work together harmoniously has never been easier.

Full-featured mobile apps

Mobile technology has transformed the digital world and opened up vast opportunities in social networking, gaming, location-based services, and now even enterprise. With our #1 ranked native mobile applications for the iOS or Android, your team gets all the power of Base on their mobile devices wherever they go. Every experience in Base is designed with mobility in mind, guaranteeing a seamless, beautiful interface for your contacts, deals and sales data on the go. Manage contacts, create deals, track goals progress, evaluate pipeline activity and identify new sales opportunities from anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Compliant with strict IT security standards

Rigid security measures that are compliant with the most recent data privacy laws. All these measures are built into every part of Base architecture and processes. Base protects your data with world-class physical, network, application, and data-level security. We maintain a comprehensive security program designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your data and to protect against security threats or data breaches. Your data is safe and backed up every hour automatically, no on-premise installation required.

A few of the Enterprise CRM features in Base:

Get the visibility you need to successfully manager your enterprise. Give Base a try.

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