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Big Data

Powerful computations at your fingertips with Base data-driven sales.

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Reimagining Sales Data

Get a holistic view of your sales with Base's advanced big data technology. With data collected and analyzed from multiple sources in your sales process, Base brings you invaluable insights that will help you understand your clients and prospects.

Big Data Redefined
There’s more computing power in your pocket than there was on the Apollo space craft that landed on the moon over 40 years ago. Advances in computing power mean more data can be collected and it can by analyzed in real time. Never before has it been possible to collect multiple data types and develop the big picture.
Snapshots of Historical Data
Base is built on a big data technology stack that cannot be found anywhere else. All historical sales pipeline data is tracked and stored, compared to legacy solutions that delete the data once a field is updated. Base can analyze email sentiment and alert you if a deal is starting to fall apart. Sales managers enjoy the power of pulling a snapshot of their pipeline from any historical point in time.
See The Whole Picture
The traditional sales stack relies on one product to handle voice calls, one for the sales database, one to manage email, you get the idea. However, this is not ideal because the data is fragmented and locked away. Shouldn’t your mailbox know who your best customers are? Base sees the complete picture and gives you valuable insights like data-driven forecasts and stage duration analysis’ that determine the optimal sales cycle for your team.
The Base Advantage
As technology continues to evolve, you will learn more and more about your sales process. Better yet, data is making a big difference in producing smarter, more efficient sales leaders. Soon you’ll be able to look at your sales process and identify bottlenecks that are prohibiting your team from hitting their goals. The gap between sales teams who adopt technology and those who fail to adopt will grow exponentially larger until the non-adopters completely fade away.

Base gives you the big data insights you need to grow your business.

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