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Contacts and Accounts

Base links business accounts and individual contacts to give you the context you need.

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Contacts And Accounts, Together At Last

The art of selling is all about connections. The relationships you've already established matter, and Base highlights this by linking contacts and accounts.

Make Your Relationships Matter
The information you have collected on your customers has more value when it’s not trapped in isolation. People you’ve already worked with can make introductions and put you in touch with colleagues who want to do business. Base helps you track this web of introductions by linking individual contacts to business or company accounts.
Know More At A Glance
When you open a contact card in Base you can see the call history, notes and contact details for the individual you are working with. You can also view all related contacts at that person’s company and review all of the activity tied to that business account. There's no need to comb through countless pages. The contact card brings you a highly detailed look into everything you need to know about a contact.
Advance Your Interests
It’s important to have contacts and accounts tied together. Doing so allows you to leverage the power of the relationships your organization has already established and gives your reps the ammunition they need to be effective. Which offers did a company pick up in the past? Which individual contact is most likely to be friendly to business in the future? Base gives you the answers.
The Base Advantage
Base gives you all of the information you need, when you need it. Linked account and individual contact cards give you valuable context when you are on calls with clients, deepening relationships and creating information-rich experiences. When your relationships flourish, you are guaranteed to close more deals.

Maintain contact and account relationships easily with Base.

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