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Custom Notifications

Receive real-time notifications on issues that the matter most to you.

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From Pull To Push

Get the notifications you need to drive your business forward. Base's custom, real-time notifications will put you in the driver's seat so that you can take action at the best time. Call prospects, follow up and reach out at the perfect time with Custom Notifications.

Customization At Its Best
Custom Notifications mark a significant shift in the way you learn about your sales pipeline. Rather than the traditional ‘pull’ for all information when you make time to learn about your sales, the most critical information that you need to know about is ‘pushed’ to you in real time. You no longer need to search through the data for the insights, they are delivered to you as they happen.
Real-Time, Anytime
You deserve to be treated like the president, not the CIA analyst. Base does this by delivering the most critical and relevant insights to your phone. Set custom notifications and receive alerts as the updates happen, but only for what you need to know about. Get notified about changes to deals that are worth more than 20k, or deals that are in the Closure state. The criteria is up to you.
Notifications That Help You Sell More
Wouldn’t it be great to know when a prospect is reading your email so you can call them while they are actively engaging with your content? Base notifications will alert you when an email is viewed so you can call them at the perfect moment. Get real-time notifications on the most critical updates in your pipeline so you're never caught off guard.
The Base Advantage
Custom Notifications allow you to give advice when needed, alert you when things are going south and know when a prospect is reading your email. The days of a deal falling apart on a Wednesday and you finding out about it in the Monday sales meeting are over. Your sales are happening in real time, isn’t it about time your sales software keeps up?

Get the real-time notifications you want whenever, wherever.

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