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Goals and Quotas

Manage your sales goals and set accurate quotas for your reps with Base CRM.

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Get Set Up For Success

Set a benchmark for every team members performance and drive productivity with Base. Base lets you set monthly, quarterly, or annual sales revenue goals for your team so that every team member can strive to reach their goal.

Objective Alignment
Set sales goals and quotas that focus your team and grow your business. Base allows you to help your sales teams effectively execute the company's revenue and growth goals by aligning the team around a shared objective. With Base, you not only communicate goals and quotas with your team - you track their progress to help them improve.
Tools to Grow Your Business
Base makes it easy for you to set up revenue and won deal goals for individuals and your entire team. It takes seconds to set a goal and from that moment on, your team members have a tangible number to pursue. Base's Won Deal and Sales Goals reports paint a clear picture of how close (or far) your team is to meeting their targets and let you track your team's progress.
Built With You In Mind
Base is built for people. You won’t have to navigate multiple pop-ups to set your goals. Just select 'goals’ on your navigation bar and select the who, what, when right then and there. Easy goal and quota setting allows you to focus on helping your team get there, not wasting time figuring out your software.
The Base Advantage
Base makes it easy to keep an eye on your goals so that they can be met. Powerful goal reporting allows you take a closer look and see the progress each person on the team is making. The on-track marker sets the pace by telling you and your reps how close they are to meeting their benchmark on time.

Set goals and quotas for your sales team with Base.

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