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Google Apps

One-click sends your Google email activity straight to Base.

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Gadgets For The Googler In You

Boost your productivity with the Google App widget. The Google App widget lets you add emails to Base, create deals, notes and tasks, and create new contacts from your inbox. You can also control the visibility of who can see the app when they are in their Google Apps account.

Google Apps—Improved
You love your Google email for its web-based flexibility. Base’s Google email gadget makes your Google email even more useful. Use the email gadget to add new contacts directly into Base or create notes, tasks and deals directly from your Google account.
Total Email Integration
Installation of the Google email gadget integrates your Google Apps with your Base account. Once installed, the Google email gadget connects Base to your Gmail account and gives you the option to add notes, tasks or deals in Base. All it takes is one-click - if you don't want to ever leave Gmail you don't have to.
Multiple Features, One Interface
Our Google App integration allows you to create notes or add tasks related to a contact all while simply reading your email. You can even create new contacts in Base without ever leaving your inbox. Easily and seamlessly integrate your Google App with Base and enjoy the comforts of not having to switch between multiple interfaces again.
The Base Advantage
The Base Google email gadget is a productivity booster pack for your Apps suite. It gives your team the ability to update contacts or attach emails without skipping a beat. The email gadget from Base ensures important customer conversations are captured by your CRM so you are never left sifting through endless email threads to find the information you need.

Base integrates with third party platforms to help you sell more.

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