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Sales Insights Dashboard

Stay organized at-a-glance with an overview of your account activity, sales goals and top deals.

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The Insights You Need, All In One Place

Monitor rep performance easily with the insights dashboard. From your Base home screen you'll see a detailed overview of everything you need to know about your sales pipeline. See everyone's tasks, top deals, goals, and active deals in an activity feed that updates in realtime.

Your Home Base
Your sales insights dashboard is your Base home screen, and it provides you with general insights into the health of your pipeline and possible pain points. From here you will see important sales statistics like sales goal progress, a solid overview of account activity, notes on upcoming tasks and deals, and your top deals.
Get Your Priorities Straight
The sales insights dashboard helps you and your team stay organized by giving you an thorough overview of everything that needs your attention. The dashboard is split into four main areas: items that need your attention, account activity, sales analytics and top deals. Tasks are also displayed to help you focus on your most pressing deadlines.
Know Where You Stand
Pipeline worth gets prominent exposure on your insights dashboard. Managers see the cumulative total of everyone’s pipeline and sales reps see their own progress and pipeline value. The goal progress summary displays progress towards sales goals and includes Base’s on track marker so you know if you are likely to make your target.
The Base Advantage
The sales insights dashboard gives you a quick, focused look into your team’s sales activity. Informative graphics display the data you need the most so that you are always up-to-date on the status of your pipeline. Base’s user-friendly design and data-driven statistics help you focus your team and grow your business.

Base gives you the pipeline visibility you need to run a successful business.

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