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Lead and Contact Clipper

Save full LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to Base with the click of a button.

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Easily Sync Social Media Profiles To Your CRM

Copy and paste is an outdated process so, we've decided to change it. Base's Contact Clipper allows you to quickly and easily pull contacts, leads and even company pages into Base with the click of a button.

The Prospecting Savior
You participate in social networks to stay connected and to prospect new leads - Base helps to keep you that way with the Lead and Contact Clipper. When you’re logged in on Linkedin or Facebook and you come across someone who you would like to add to your CRM, use the Clipper to add them to Base immediately. No copy and paste required, ever.
Instant Gratification
Install the free Google Chrome extension at http://bit.ly/1BKCkjZ and log in to your Linkedin or Facebook profile. The clipper icon will light up. When you click it, the contact on your screen, along with all of their contact information, will be added to your Base account automatically. Not sure if a contact has been added? Don't worry. You'll receive a notification letting you know that the clip was successful.
Clip Company Pages
We love updating our features and are always thinking of ways to make them better. With that said, the Contact Clipper no longer just supports clipping a single contact. You can now clip LInkedIn and Facebook Company pages, in addition to individual profiles. No manual entry, just click and everything you need from a company page is seamlessly pulled into Base.
The Base Advantage
Until now, it’s been up to you to manually enter LinkedIn profile information into your CRM. The Base Lead and Contact Clipper makes this once tedious and time-consuming process quick and simple. You can now add contacts and leads to your CRM with complete and up-to-date details, in just a few seconds.

Traditional is boring. Join Base and experience the next generation in sales.

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