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Lead Management

Fully customizable lead management tools designed to help you close more deals.

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Make The Most Of Your Leads

Your leads should be organized in a way that allows you to manage them effectively. Lead management with Base means having a system in place that lets you follow-up with your leads in a timely manner so that you can qualify them quickly.

Organize Your Leads
You have leads coming in from a wide variety of sources. Some leads come from lists you acquired, others from business cards and still more from the ‘contact us’ form on your website. Base’s lead management tools help you organize leads and assign them to the right sales reps so they can be followed up on and qualified quickly.
Quick Three Step Process
If you have a list consisting of hundreds of email addresses, they're going to have to be organized. With Base you can quickly import, tag and assign leads so your reps can start qualifying them. You can even create custom tags to help you track your data. Tagging your lead sources helps your reps pitch properly and helps you understand more about your best lead sources.
Customization for Your Business
Every business has their own structure. That's why Base allows you to create custom lead statuses that are based on your business' closing model. Gain insights into what the next steps should be when converting a lead into a paying customer with statuses that are consistently updated across all devices. For a rundown of your lead activity check the Leads section. Here you will see which leads have been contacted, which have replied and which need to be archived.
The Base Advantage
Base makes lead management easy. Leads can be imported from a spreadsheet or manually added via the web or using Base’s mobile applications. Base CRM is designed to help you understand how many leads you have, where they come from, what is their status and what it takes to convert them into a paying customer.

Organize your leads effectively and close more deals with Base's lead management capabilities.

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