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Rep Performance Dashboard

Understand how your reps are doing and help them reach their true selling potential.

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Gain New Perspective On Your Reps

The Rep Performance Dashboard gives you an insightful look into how your reps are doing. This all-inclusive report provides comparative metrics so that you can help your rep's improve and sell more.

Centralized Metrics
Traditionally, if you wanted to see the whole picture on how your reps were doing, you would have to look through multiple reports to try to piece something together. Not anymore. The Rep Performance Dashboard gives you an in-depth analysis of how your reps are performing. By understand a rep's pain points, process bottlenecks, and strengths, you will subsequently be able to manage them more effectively.
Comparative Analytics
The Rep Performance Dashboard doesn't just give you individual insights on rep performance. It gives you comparative metrics that show how your reps are doing in relation to the rest of the team. See how your reps compare when it comes to their total sales, average deal size and more. Clear-cut metrics make it easy to assess your reps so you can help them grow.
More Insight, More Improvement
Managers are now able to help their reps substantially thanks to the breadth of knowledge that the Rep Performance Dashboard provides. They can conduct more focused one-to-one meetings with their reps and create tailored improvement plans that will work for them. This means more improvements on a personal level and more growth for your business.
The Base Advantage
Don't waste time combing through metric based reports in the hopes of gaining a comprehensive look at how your reps are performing. The Rep Performance Dashboard offers a clear-cut sales based report that will help you become a more effective manager. With more knowledge under your belt, you'll be able to build better sales strategies and plans of attack that are tailored to your rep's needs.

Dive deeper and learn how your reps are doing.

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