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Sales Forecasting

Built-in sales forecasting reports help you accurately anticipate revenue.

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Stay Ahead Of The Game

If you can predict your revenue likelihood, you can grow your business. So why not have a feature that let's you do just that? Base sales forecasting uses predictive metrics to help you make better decisions based on the probability of winning your sales.

Data-Based Reports
Sales forecasting reports tell you how much revenue you can expect based on the active deals in your sales pipeline. Base crunches the numbers in your sales pipeline and generates sales forecasting reports so you can accurately anticipate future revenue.
Your Data, Beautifully Presented
In Base you set the win likelihood for each sales stage. As a deal moves through the sales funnel, the win likelihood increases. Each deal also has an estimated close date. Using these variables, a forecasted value is determined. All of this data is calculated and presented to you in your easy-to-read, beautifully designed sales forecasting report.
Know Where You're Headed
Base makes sales forecasting accessible. Straying away from traditional methods of manual forecasting, Base focuses on bringing you automated measures to improve your business. Gain immediate transparency into the true value of your deals and understand predictive trends in your cash flow. Push more deals through your pipeline with speed, transparency, and accuracy.
The Base Advantage
Sales forecasting helps you take control of your business by alerting you in advance to potential fluctuations in your revenue stream. See a slow period up ahead? It might be time to generate more leads. Base does more than help you manage your sales cycle—it gives you the insights you need to manage your business productively.

Understand where your business is headed with insights into your future.

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