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Smart Lists

Answer questions about your pipeline accurately and instantly with smart lists.

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Reimagining Pipeline Evaluation

Have a question about your pipeline? With Base, you'll never have to export historical data to Excel again. Smart lists is a Base exclusive feature that lets you quickly gain insights into your sales pipeline for just about any question you may have.

Real-Time, Up-to-Date Answers
Anytime you create a Smart List you're dealing with real-time data. Add different data columns like value, close date, and more to easily filter what you see. Then simply click on the column to sort alphabetically or filter by date. Gaining invaluable perspective into your pipeline is just that easy.
Export Smart Lists
With Base you can't just create a smart list, you can export it too. Simply click the "Export" button and watch as your smart list quickly downloads into an Excel file. By default, all admins can export smart lists but if you want to share this feature with the rest of your team, all you have to do is go into the Settings to enable the export functionality for all users.
Smart Lists On the Go
We live in a mobile world, so why should your Smart Lists be limited to your desktop? Access all of your smart lists on your smartphone or tablet. Base's top mobile apps let you easily view any smart lists you've created on the Base web app. All of the functionality you love from our web app is translated seamlessly into a mobile experience through visually stunning swipeable cards.
The Base Advantage
Smart Lists will transform the way you evaluate your pipeline. Instead of importing historical data and tirelessly digging to find answers, you can now create lists that will use real-time data to answer your questions. In turn, Smart Lists save you time and make you more effective. Don't waste your efforts using archaic methods and prehistoric data - take advantage of Smart Lists and embrace the new age of sales productivity.

Join Base and get real-time answers to all of your pipeline questions.

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