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Visual Reporting

The out-of-the-box sales reports and insights you need to run your business.

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Sales Reports Made Easy

We've moved past the stage of simply bringing you robust reports. Base goes a step above the rest to bring you reports that are interactive, engaging and easy to use. With powerful data on the backend and beautifully designed visuals, Base provides reports that will truly wow your team.

No Programming Required
Your CRM houses sales data you can use to optimize processes, coach teams and calculate revenue. Base makes it easy to turn that data into business insights with out of the box visual sales reports—no setup required. See a clear, visual presentation of your team’s activities and filter by date, user, team and tags.
A 360° View
Reports in Base require zero setup. As soon as you begin working in Base your activity is automatically tracked and analyzed for you. Just open the reports tab to access insights on your pipeline, goals, sales performance, marketing and calls. Each report can be filtered by user, team or tag so you can tailor the reports to your specific needs.
Multi-Level Improvements
Out-of-the-box visual reporting gives you access to an arsenal of sales analytics to improve your processes. Deal Loss reports can help you improve sales pitches. Marketing Effectiveness reports offer insights on your marketing campaigns. The intuitive visual interface makes the data easy to understand and helps you spot weaknesses in your company, team or individual processes.
The Base Advantage
Base gives you access to a full suite of sales reports, setting a new standard in sales reporting. Visualize your sales pipeline, see full calling analytics, forecast your revenue and more. Base gives you immediate access to information-rich business insights without any hassle. Dive into your pipeline and get the inside scoop on your business with reports that matter.

Use visual reporting to see the story behind the numbers.

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