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Paycove + Base

Smarter invoicing for Base - Paycove is a fully automated invoicing and payment processing solution for Base

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Automated Invoicing

Move a deal to a “pending” stage and Paycove emails the contact an invoice with their deal information (including products), along with a link to pay with a credit card.

Payment Processing

Contacts can review the deal, and make a payment with Stripe, paying securely with credit or debit cards. Charges handled through Paycove will appear in Stripe, making it easy to manage.

Lead & Invoice Management

Get updates in Base from Paycove. Paycove adds notes to your deals during the invoice collection process. Once paid, deals will be moved to the “WON” stage (or whichever stage you specify). Paycove offers a concise, but powerful dashboard to help you keep track of invoices and customers on Paycove. Monitor closed deals, invoices paid, update credit cards and more.

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