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Mid Size CRM

Mid-Market CRM

Sales productivity tools that meet the demands of a seasoned sales team, yet focus squarely on mid-market growth.

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Graduate to an enterprise-grade CRM

Your goals as a medium-sized business have changed significantly since you were a small business. You’ve created a product people love, now its time to improve sales and earning and expand your business’ footprint. Your team will flourish with sales automation features like unified communications, lead prioritization, and automated actions that will boost productivity and maximize selling potential. Best of all? Your reps will love using it. Base has the highest adoption rates and end-user satisfaction. This translates to increased usage and more data in your CRM database.

Get inside the mind of your customer

Gain a better understanding of your customer and stay one step of ahead of them with powerful sales insights. Within months after you start using Base, you’ll uncover insights that will change the way you think about your sales process. Sales insight reporting automatically analyzes your sales activities and comes up with suggestions that will immediately help you improve the productivity of your sales teams. When you lose deals, you can track reasons for why you lost those deals and address those obstacles head-on.

Build and maintain meaningful customer relationships

Smaller organizations don’t have the same reputation as larger enterprises, so they rely heavily on relationship building to influence new customers. Base helps you stay on top of customer demands with custom notifications and email sentiment analysis. Get push notifications directly on your mobile device or in the web app so you can easily respond to questions or requests. Upload important documents to Base and quickly share them with customers using just one click.

Fully customizable workflows

As your company evolves, processes change to meet higher demand and larger human capital. Base is fully customizable. Set custom lead statuses, sales pipeline stages, and contact fields that makes sense to you. And when your business strategy pivots, simply jump into settings and change those fields yourself. No admin or special technical skills required. Base was designed with the sales user in mind so our platform is both powerful and flexible.

Turn MQLs into SQLs

Marketing may excel at “understanding the buyer’s journey” and nurturing them into marketing ready leads, but that may not be the best indicator of which leads are ready to be sold to. Base allows you to “re-score” your marketing-qualified leads based on criteria that matters most to your sales reps like industry, location, or business-size. You can create a custom formula that will help your reps prioritize which sales-qualified leads to work on first.

Sell more with Base

Boost your sales and accelerate your growth by leveraging cutting edge technology. That’s our obsession here at Base. As your sales teams grow, the technology choices you make to keep up with the ever-changing market are going to be crucial. With Base, you get a cutting edge CRM and sales tracking solution that will actually make an impact on your revenues and is ready for tomorrow’s needs. Powerful mobile applications and social tools will help you accomplish your goals faster and much easier than before.

A few of the Mid-Market CRM features in Base:

Base is the premier all-in-one platform your sales team needs to grow.

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