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Sales pipeline management

Manage your leads effectively from captured to closed.

What is sales pipeline management?

Your sales pipeline is, at the most basic level, a list of all your current opportunities, organized by the stage they’re at in your sales process.

In order to drive the most effective sales process and to have perfect visibility into what is going on in your sales, you need to proactively manage your sales pipeline towards achieving your sales goals.

Why is sales pipeline management an important part of a rep’s daily activities?

Companies with a formal business process generate more revenue. Sales pipeline management instills confidence in sales reps and permeates throughout the organization as it:

Can creating a formal sales pipeline management process help me sell more?

Absolutely. The initial investment in creating the process can be grueling, but immensely rewarding. Harvard Business Review (2015) revealed that there is “a direct correlation between effective pipeline management and strong revenue growth.” Companies that had a clearly defined sales process, trained sales managers on proper sales pipeline management, and spent at least three hours a month on sales pipeline management “saw 28% higher revenue growth.”

Effective sales pipeline management takes into account various factors specific to your company (industry, services, team size, rep specialties, territories) to create a unique set of milestones your reps are expected to meet during every deal. Setting these milestones and a process for what to do when each deal reaches that stage ensures that your reps are actively moving the deal forward at every step of the process.

Effectively manage your sales pipeline.

Effectively managing your sales pipeline requires planning and discipline. The fastest growing companies share common patterns in managing their sales pipeline:

How has technology helped streamline pipeline management?

Understanding your pipeline is critical to sales leaders, but a simple CRM will not tell you the whole story. Layering powerful sales analytics and reporting tools on top of your sales data will transform the way you read and react to forces affecting your pipeline.

Base makes managing your pipeline easier and more effective.

Base is the ideal Sales Pipeline Management tool for companies that are serious about growing their sales and managing their sales team. Base makes it easy to set up a customized sales pipeline tailored to your business. Base allows you to:

Base brings you custom tools that make managing your pipeline easy and effective.

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