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Infrastructure built and continuously tested according to the industry’s highest security standards so you can sleep well at night.

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Full redundancy

Every component of Base has multiple copies stored on geo-isolated data centers, with databases kept in triplicate. This approach allows us to ensure that our services remain at high availability at all times – even when we perform maintenance or incident responses.

Industry-grade encryption

Base enforces the encryption of all data communication to and from our systems with the SSL/TLS protocol. Our security team ensures that your data is protected by the most secure ciphers and protocols available without sacrificing compatibility.

Hourly automated backups

Base performs full hourly backups of the entire system datasets and databases, each saved to a separate S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) account. Our security team maintains strict monitoring of all access to backups, with a perfect record of SLAs related to system availability and accessibility.

Continuous auditing and testing

Scoped penetration tests on a weekly basis. Extensive testing twice a year by our security partners Lift Security and Matasano. Just a few of the continuous assessments and security audits Base performs in collaboration with hundreds of independent security researchers around the world.

The most trusted cross-device solution

With the leading mobile sales and CRM applications on iOS and Android, Base offers fast, secure mobile devices with encrypted data transfer. It’s all written in the native application language to ensure security and performance.

Our advanced cosmic sync infrastructure ensures that your team will constantly have access to their CRM – even offline.

A few of the CIO & IT managers features in Base:

Join Base and work with an infrastructure built with your security in mind.

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