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Lightning fast implementation. Immediate results. Continuous innovation.

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Get your team up and running faster

Base is easy-to-use and easy-to-implement. No special technical skills or dedicated admin is required to get you up and running. Depending on your workflows and the size of your sales practice, you can customize Base yourself or with the help of our dedicated customer success team.

Data-driven sales decisions

Make fast and informed decisions about optimizing your sales process. Then take a step back and see your whole pipeline, or dive in to get the details you need.

As a Sales Ops Leader, you never run out of questions. If you can’t find a report with the answer, we’ll help you build it with our world-class open APIs.

Get more than you pay for

As your organization grows, you need a sales partner dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge of technology. Here at Base, we’re obsessed with building the next generation of growth-accelerating sales tools, and we’re pushing the envelope daily with sales productivity and intelligence to get there. So expect continuous innovation as we ship new features at a rapid pace – no extra cost or setup required.

A few of the Sales operations features in Base:

Base gives Ops Leaders accurate answers so they can get the job done right.

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