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Sales Professionals

Base offers tools that automate actions, alerts at critical moments, and flexibility so you can work anytime, anywhere.

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A tool to help you in the trenches

You are on the front-lines everyday, braving endless “No’s” and responding to a barrage of questions from potential customers. Don’t you want an easy-to-use tool that can help you qualify leads and close deals faster?

Base streamlines your day-to-day workflows

Say goodbye to wasted mornings consisting of multiple to-do lists competing for your attention. Base prioritizes your sales opportunities with automatic task and reminder creation so you can focus  your attentions completely on the customer.

Source leads smarter

Whether you prospect on the phone, through email, or over social media, Base helps you reach out to more people and engage with them about the things they care about. Make calls, send emails, and collect customer information with a click without ever leaving your browser.

Go from zero to customer-facing instantly

Pull up Base on your browser or phone and have customer details and history at your fingertips instantly with the top mobile CRM and sales apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Stay on top of your game

Your professional growth is part of our mission. We’ve made it easy to get insights about your performance with an individual dashboard that shows you which opportunities to prioritize, and how to move deals through your pipeline more effectively.

A few of the Sales Professionals features in Base:

Base gives sales professionals the tools they need to close more deals. Give it a try now.

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