Security | Base CRM


Base is secure. The experts agree.

The safety and security of your data is our No. 1 priority. Base CRM undergoes routine security audits by top experts in the industry to ensure your data is always protected.

Your payments are protected.

All credit card information goes through our secure, PCI-compliant payment gateway. That means your credit card information is kept in a secure environment at every step of the transaction process.

We’ve got your back(up).

All Base CRM accounts are automatically backed up hourly on multiple Amazon servers nationwide. Our server architecture is redundant, meaning even if one server fails, the system stays active and accessible. We maintain more than 99% uptime, which guarantees you service continuity and quality assurance.

Your data is secure.

Base CRM uses 256-Bit SSL encryption to protect your data, the same level of encryption used by financial institutions to secure online banking transactions.

We also monitor and encrypt your data when synchronizing your mobile device(s), which ensures its security during transfer between devices.

Responsible disclosure of a security vulnerability.

We understand that security is a process, not a feature. With this in mind, we value our customers’ insights, especially when it comes to security.

If you think you’ve discovered an issue with Base CRM’s security measures, follow our responsible disclosure process.

We encourage and appreciate white-hat security research of our system and will not take legal actions against individuals who act in good faith and responsibly disclose a security issue.

Enterprise grade security keeps your pipeline secure so you can focus on selling.

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