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Grow your business with tools and solutions the big guys use.

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Designed for every salesperson

Base was built by smart people who got fed up with all of the overly complex, hard to implement CRM solutions out there on the market. Base is a full-featured, enterprise-grade CRM that is easy to set-up, administer and use. It doesn’t require any special technical knowledge. It runs in the cloud, which means it is ready to use and doesn’t force you to install different plugins or applications. You can actually implement it all by yourself in less than 5 minutes—no IT department or consultant required. You simply sign up, invite your team to join, and start selling.

A complete sales productivity solution for any budget

Just because your budget is small, doesn’t mean you can’t grow your business using the same enterprise-grade solutions the big guys use. Base gives you a world-class contact management system, robust deal acceleration tools and a collaborative platform where you can work with colleagues and clients alike. Track your deals and increase your chances of winning them by leveraging sales intelligence tools that help you make the right decisions. Powerful sales reporting helps you measure everything from lead conversion to total pipeline value. Base offers powerful out-of-the-box solutions that help you capture leads and manage them effectively.

Native click-to-dial auto-dialer

Sales reps make dozens of calls a day. Base integrated telephone services into its software to help reps be more productive and focus on what matters: selling. With Base’s native automatic dialer you can ‘dial’ out with the click of a button from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Save your reps time and your company money by automating the dial process.

Real-time reports and analytics

Today’s business moves at a blistering pace. The faster you can get up-to-the-minute information, the better you can outsmart the competition. Base offers powerful real-time analytics and reporting tools that use today’s data, not a stale snapshot, to help you make the best decisions for your sales practice. Get in-depth, actionable information on how your team is performing at every stage of the sales process.

Rapid innovation for growing businesses

Businesses of all sizes have customers to manage, sales to track and teams to coordinate. Small businesses are no different. As a small business owner you need a CRM solution that is simple to implement and use, yet intelligent and powerful enough to benefit your bottom line and grow with you. Base iterates fast and often to respond to emerging technologies and sales trends. Since Base is hosted in the cloud, all updates happen automatically. We welcome feedback from our users and push out new features or platform updates almost every other week. With Base, you’ll never be out of the loop.

Empowering your mobile sales

Your sales team is small, but scrappy. They work to acquire new customers and close deals anyway they can, anywhere they are. Give them a powerful tool they can use on the road that will help them connect with prospects, share important documents, and collaborate with colleagues. Base’s iOS and Android apps for phone and tablet can pull in data at critical moments. Smart lists and customizations translate beautifully on mobile devices. Geolocation helps users find the most efficient route between leads and deals. We’ve taken all of the best mobile advancements and translated them into a selling experience that sets the gold standard for mobile.

A few of the Small Business CRM features in Base:

Base is an adaptable CRM that will usher in growth for your business.

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