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About Email Intelligence

Base Email Intelligence aims to enhance your communication technique by giving you the tools you need to increase your emailing effectiveness. With Base’s automatic email automation tools such as templates, merge tags, and real-time notifications, your reps will gain efficiency in their processes while simultaneously receiving invaluable knowledge. For example, your reps will know exactly when their email has been opened and when a link has been clicked. They can then leverage this knowledge to understand exactly when to be proactive. This further helps to develop not only their email techniques, but their sales process as a whole.

How it can help you sell more
  1. Sync your email account to Base and capture all sales communication automatically.
  2. Track your emails and receive real-time notifications that will bring a smart edge to your emails.
  3. Integrate with third party sources to boost your selling power.
  4. Send personalized email campaigns to a specific group of prospects.
  5. Optimize your qualification process through efficient and effective emailing campaigns.

Some of the Email Intelligence features in Base:

Base redefines email with tools and features that maximize your effectiveness.

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