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    Identify the hottest leads using a custom scoring formula and contact them with the right messaging.

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About Lead Prioritization

Base Lead Prioritization lets your sales reps target their selling efforts in a strategic and tactical manner. Lead scoring algorithms and email automation give your sales reps the ammunition they need to accelerate their win rate. Further, lead-specific reports give managers the insights they need to properly assess top-of-the-funnel activity. Collectively, Lead Prioritization brings your sales team a solution that will prove to be cost-effective because it allows them to focus on the opportunities that will yield the most reward.

How it can help you sell more
  1. Know which leads have viewed or clicked your email.
  2. Generate reports that identify the lead source that is generating the best leads.
  3. Create custom lead scoring formulas that score leads in real time.
  4. Automate communication with email templates that are personalized with lead details.
  5. Optimize rep response time by organizing leads by industry, country or source.

Some of the Lead Prioritization features in Base:

Focus on the right leads with Base's powerful Lead Prioritization tools.

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