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    Fully customizable lead tracking designed to help you close more deals.

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About Lead Tracking

Base Lead Tracking provides the play-by-play you need to understand where your lead stands at every stage of the sales process. Custom lead statuses bring you a high-level view of the health of your pipeline, allowing you to simultaneously hone in your qualification process. Base also offers a new level of granularity through automatic communication tracking. Each layer of Base’s Lead Tracking solutions aim to optimize the quality of leads coming in so that you can drive them forward with greater efficiency.

How it can help you sell more
  1. Eliminate manual data entry and add leads to Base with a click.
  2. Connect your website to Base and have leads enter your pipeline automatically.
  3. Log all lead communication including email, phone and in person appointments.
  4. Build a lead workflow designed for your lead qualification process.
  5. Track the lead lifecycle to identify where optimizations can be made.

Some of the Lead Tracking features in Base:

Base lead tracking will help your team identify leads that need your attention.

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