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About Mobile Sales Management

Desktop technology has transitioned to mobile, and Base’s Mobile Sales Management solutions are at the forefront of change. Base enhances the sales experience by bringing mobile-specific features such as geolocation and mapping to a desktop solution. Real-time updates and notifications ensure that your productivity never subsides, even when you're on the go. Likewise, any questions you have can be easily answered through the mobile reporting center, which delivers real-time insights into such questions as goal attainment, sales forecasting, and sales funnel analysis.

How it can help you sell more
  1. Work from anywhere, even 30,000 ft in the sky, with offline access.
  2. Visualize leads and customers nearby on a map with geolocation.
  3. Send emails quickly on the go with personalized email templates.
  4. Receive notifications when deals are running into trouble.
  5. Track sales progress from the palm of your hand with mobile reporting.

Some of the Mobile Sales Management features in Base:

Base is the #1 mobile sales management app for iOS and Android.

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