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    Accurately anticipate revenue using Base’s sales forecasting tools.

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About Sales Forecasting

Base Sales Forecasting uses big data intelligence to make your forecasts as accurate as possible. By using real-time tracking tools and intelligent algorithms, Base develops projected outcomes that can be more closely depended on. Predictive metrics like Estimated Close Date and Win Likelihood are objectively calculated so that you can more accurately forecast where your deals are headed. Sales Forecasting also allows you to better analyze your rep level performance, getting you one step closer to building a better sales machine. Understand the “real” value of your deals with more accurate forecasts that are backed by your data.

How it can help you sell more
  1. Machine learning that learns your tendencies and suggests adjustments for win likelihood and estimated close date.
  2. Achieve forecasts with goals and quotas for your sales team.
  3. Monitor progress at the rep level and understand who needs assistance.
  4. Real time reporting out-of-the-box ensures you have all the data available.
  5. Understand your sales cycle length and see which reps are underperforming.

Some of the Sales Forecasting features in Base:

Base provides predictive metrics so you can sell with confidence.

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