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    Dive deeper into your sales with intelligent data and analytics that will improve your sales process.

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About Sales Intelligence

Base brings data-driven metrics to various levels of the CRM experience so that your sales team can be as effective as possible. Base Sales Intelligence leverages the data that is already in your pipeline and analyzes it to streamline your qualification, communication, and conversion processes. Sales managers will be able to identify the optimal sales cycle for their team and develop a sales-driven process with Base’s smart data and reports.

How it can help you sell more
  1. Track and log your sales data so you always have the upper hand.
  2. Get an all inclusive view of your sales activity in a single dashboard that updates in real-time.
  3. Develop your qualification and conversion processes so that you can reach your optimal efficiency.
  4. Convert leads to contacts using a fully customizable process.
  5. Gain insightful reports that allow you to dive deeper into your pipeline, without any complex or manual entry.

Some of the Sales Intelligence features in Base:

Base brings you a smarter look into the data behind your business.

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