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    Tools designed to help sales leaders continuously improve their win rates.

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About Win Rate Optimization

Optimization is key to any business’ vitality and scalability. Base Win Rate Optimization offers tools that have been tailored to enhance your sales process from a number of angles. Reports like the Sales Funnel Report and Lost Deal Analysis help to identify bottlenecks in your pipeline while scoring algorithms and data-driven intelligence aim to streamline your process. When paired together, these tools build a platform that helps your reps reach their selling potential. As the members of your sales team begin to meet and exceed their quotas, your company will be closer to achieving scalable success.

How it can help you sell more
  1. Score leads so your team can focus their attention on the opportunities that are most likely to close.
  2. Understand why deals are being lost and see who needs objection handling training.
  3. Identify sales funnel duration bottlenecks and make sure deals are moving through the sales funnel efficiently.
  4. Save time by sending personalized email campaigns in bulk using email templates.
  5. Play back recorded sales phone calls to learn how to improve the sales process.

Some of the Win Rate Optimization features in Base:

The sales process doesn't have to be a mystery. Try Base and see for yourself.

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