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Track your leads effectively, generate more revenue

Capturing, organizing and properly tracking leads is the cornerstone of an efficient sales machine. Funnel leads to Base from your website, a spreadsheet, or a marketing automation platform, and Base will teach you which lead sources convert the best to sales. Powerful lead management tools prevent leads from being left behind until they are fully qualified.

Lead tracking


Manage your sales process and grow your pipeline

The best sales teams know that managing their sales pipeline is critical for achieving sales success. Manage sales opportunities, collaborate with peers and have every piece of information related to an opportunity stored for you in one central location, Base.

Say no to stale data in legacy CRM software, and color coded excel files. Say yes to ease of use and clarity.

Sales pipeline management


Build relationships and keep customers for life

Happy customers not only buy more, but recommend your product or service to others. Base provides a framework for managing relationships and delivering customer happiness at scale. You’ll always have a pulse on your customers with routine and timely communication.

Customer management
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Uncompromised Sales Mobility

At Base, we don’t make compromises when it comes to mobility or functionality. Our #1 rated mobile sales application pairs enterprise grade functionality with a consumer grade user interface to deliver the perfectly balanced experience you’d expect.

Full offline capabilities, real-time data sync, prospect mapping features and powerful communication tools might keep your team from ever returning to the office. Literally, they can work from anywhere.

Mobile sales management

Fully integrated mobile mapping

Real-time insights & reports

Seamless two-way sync
anytime, anywhere


Perfect and timely conversations, captured automatically

Wave goodbye to manually logging prospect interactions. All of your team’s emails and phone calls are automatically captured in Base. Email templates, open notifications and personalized bulk messages boost your team’s productivity. Pair that with our built-in phone dialer and you have the ultimate sales communication tool, out-of-the-box.

Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time isn’t just awkward, it’s how you lose deals.

Email intelligence
Native automatic dialer

Call directly
from Base


Sell to the right buyers, at the right time

Not all leads are created equally. Base scores leads and opportunities so your team can cherry-pick the best opportunities first.

Let your competition alphabetically work their way down the lead list while your sales team focuses on closing high-value opportunities.

Lead prioritization


A smarter way to explain the past and predict the future

If you were fortunate enough to survive the implementation of legacy CRM software, chances are you’re sitting there with a decent database—at best— littered with random spots of manually entered sales and customer data.

Base automatically tracks over half a million data points for every customer to deliver accurate and cutting edge reports. The data-driven insights give your business a competitive edge and bring a scientific approach to the way your business sells.

Sales reporting & analytics
Sales forecasting


You close the deals, Base crunches the data

When your sales team runs on Base, they can focus on selling while we run the numbers. Everything is automatically tracked, resulting in accurate and complete sales data.

Suddenly, you can answer questions like “What deals am I about to lose?,” or “Which deals are actually going to close this month?’‘ You know, the real questions that keep you up at night.

Sales intelligence
Win rate optimization
Run your sales team on Base

Your sales team deserves more than a few great tools. They deserve an all-in-one platform.

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