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With amazing sales productivity tools for sales reps, the #1 web and mobile apps in the market and breakthrough visual reporting for sales leaders, Base is the complete and ultimate solution for any team that sells.

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Drag and Drop Sales Pipeline in Base

Take Control of Your Sales Pipeline

Working your sales pipeline has never been easier. Customize sales stages and enjoy an easy drag-and-drop interface. Invite your team to work with you on current opportunities and share deals, contacts, notes and tasks.

Sales Tracking

Gain full visibility into the current opportunities in your sales pipeline. Learn More

Goals and Quotas

Set, track and manage sales goals for sales reps and sales teams. Learn More

Teams and Regions

Manage teams and regions effectively with an easy to use visual interface. Learn More

Contact Management in Base CRM

Manage Your Customers

You worked hard to build a relationship with your customer and you want to keep that relationship solid. Base stores all call records, call recordings, notes and emails between your company and the customer on one single card. Learn More

Contacts and Accounts

Automatically links business and individual contacts to give you the context you need for each sale. Learn More

Customization, Filters and Tags

Segment customers with custom fields, tags and filters to focus sales and prospecting efforts on a specific segment.Learn More

Work with Leads in Base

Your leads come from a variety of sources. Lead management in Base helps you organize leads and assign them to the right sales reps so they can be followed up on and qualified quickly. After being qualified, convert a lead in Base and all of the contact information you have about your lead is transferred your new customer contact card. Optionally, you can specify follow up tasks and even create a deal at the same time. Learn More

Contact Clipper

Add new Leads and Contacts into Base from LinkedIn and Facebook with one click. Learn More

Lead Capture Form

Streamline lead generation on your website with lead capture forms that put leads directly into Base. Learn More

Lead Tracking in Base CRM

Take Base Everywhere

Your CRM should be ubiquitous. The days of waiting to get back to the office to update your CRM are over. No matter where you go, Base is along for the ride. Access Base using dedicated, native mobile CRM apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to complement the robust web application. Learn More

iOS Android Windows

Sales Reports - Total Sales Report
Total Sales
Sales Reports - Deal Stage Duration Report
Stage Duration
Sales Reports - Call Duration Report
Call Duration
Sales Reports for Managers - Sales Funnel Report
Sales Funnel
Sales Reports - Deal Source Performance Report

Visualize Your Insights

Enjoy useful and insightful sales reports. With Base, you’re able to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in your workflow to improve sales performance. Measure your team's performance and gather insights to help you grow your business. Learn More

Forecast Your Sales

Make better business decisions with Sales Forecasting. Should you focus on closing deals in the later stage of your pipeline or fill the funnel at the beginning? Sales Forecasting provides powerful insights to help predict sales and meet goals. Learn More

Voice Calls and Call Recording in Base CRM

Call Directly from Base

Make and receive phone calls directly within Base CRM on your computer, mobile phone and tablet. Track all calls related to Leads, Contacts and Deals. Listen to recorded calls and use advanced analytics and reporting to improve your team’s sales performance. Learn More

Call Logging

Improve customer records and save time with automatic call logging after each call you make or receive. Learn More

Call Recording

Create an optional audio record of every call your sales team makes and receives. Learn More

Track and Sort Email Automatically

Base keeps track of your emails by scanning your inbox to look for any communication that matches your Base contacts. Any time you exchange email with a Base contact, whether you’re working in Base or in your own email client, Base will attach a copy of the correspondence to the relevant contact card. Learn More

Email Automation in Base CRM

Powerful Integrations

Base integrates with the popular tools and services below to make you infinitely more productive.

  • Base integrates with your Google Apps account to sync your contacts and tasks, both ways.
  • Place a Base lead capture form on your Facebook page to help generate leads.
  • Link Base with your Dropbox account to effortlessly attach relevant files to deals.
  • Create invoices for won deals and track payment without leaving Base.
  • Subscribe contacts to MailChimp mailing lists with a single click.
  • Once you win a deal, send it over to your Harvest account to start tracking time.
  • Attach files to your deals with the Google Drive integration.
  • Use the contact clipper to instantly save social media contacts to Base and install the quick-launch chrome app.
  • Send emails to Base automatically with Yesware.
  • Extend Base to work with many other applications with Zapier
  • Sync your Outlook contacts, work with your deals, and send your email to Base with the Outlook plugin
  • Create, send and track proposals directly through Base with Quote Roller

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