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Lead Sources

Organize Your Leads

You have leads coming in from a wide variety of sources. Some leads come from lists you acquired, others from business cards and still more from the ‘contact us’ form on your website. Base’s lead management tools help you organize leads and assign them to the right sales reps so they can be followed up on and qualified quickly.

Import. Tag. Assign.

When you’ve purchased a large list or gathered several hundred email addresses from a trade show you need tools to help you organize all of that data. With Base you can quickly import, tag and assign leads so your reps can start qualifying them. As you import leads, Base gives you the option to create custom tags to help you track your data. Reps want to know exactly where a lead came from so they can tailor their pitch accordingly. You want to know where a lead came from so you can spot the best sources for generating closed deals and so you can track which rep is best suited for closing which leads.

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Lead Tags
Lead Status

Base It on Your Business Model

Not all leads immediately convert. Base lets you create customized lead statuses based on your model for closing business. Custom statuses give you and your team even more insight in to next steps to converting a lead into a paying customer. To review lead activity just visit the Leads section and quickly see which leads have been contacted, which have replied or which need to be archived.

Lead Management Interface

The Base Advantage

Base makes lead management easy. Leads can be imported from a spreadsheet or manually added via the web or using Base’s mobile application. Base CRM is designed to help you understand how many leads you have, where they come from, what is their status and what it takes to convert a lead into a paying customer.


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