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All the Features, None of the Fuss

In this post-PC world you need a full-blown mobile CRM. A CRM you can use without ever sitting down at your computer. Your full-featured Base CRM offers all the functionality of the desktop version, without the desktop.

Portable Software

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Their easy portability has made them the tool of choice for many sales professionals. As your sales team shifts from exclusively using desktops to working on a range of mobile devices, they require full-blown mobile CRM apps that put all the capabilities of the desktop version on their tablets and phones.

Make Sure It’s Native

The key to a great CRM experience on your phone or tablet is the application. By offering free native apps, Base CRM brings the full CRM experience to your phone or tablet. The native apps are designed for maximum function and easy navigation on your device’s screen and sync all of your data instantly. Android users have access to the call overlay feature. Call overlay matches incoming callers to your Base contacts so you know who is calling, what opportunity they are related to and which stage the deal is in before you even answer the call. Remember, with Base offline access, you'll never run into a situation where you can’t access your data.

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Full Mobile CRM sync

Seamless Syncing

Base provides a seamless mobile experience, automatically syncing all of your data across devices and providing you with all of the sales tools you need when you’re on the go. Base is the ideal CRM for anyone who relies on a mobile device in their sales process.

The Base Advantage

Base is distinct in its class for designing every experience with the mobile user in mind. Base is the only mobile CRM today that offers a fully native CRM experience, wherever you are, even if you have no internet connectivity.


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