Sales Forecasting with Base CRM

Accurately anticipate revenue using Base’s sales forecasting tools.

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Sales forecasting report

Sales Forecasting Defined

You have the data you need to predict with accuracy what actual sales are going to look like next week, next month and next quarter. Your sales forecasting report is how you access it and visualize it. Sales forecasting with Base allows you to interpret deal activity and project future revenue based on sales pipeline activity.

Anticipate Revenue Changes

Revenue is the lifeline of your business. Fluctuations are always expected, but your business really thrives when they are anticipated. You can use sales forecasting data to allocate resources, respond to fluctuations and intervene where you can prevent them.

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Forecasted sales report by source distribution
Sales forecasting report on the iPad

Metrics Defined by You

You know your value proposition and how likely you are to win a deal once a lead has been qualified, a meeting took place or a price quote was sent. The sales forecasting function in Base CRM let’s you define win likelihoods at each stage of your sales cycle so your team isn’t tied up projecting outcomes you already anticipate. Base also provides the flexibility to override those likelihoods when needed.

The Base Advantage

The advantage of Base CRM’s sales forecasting lays in the powerful reporting Base provides. Not only can you see the forecasted volume, you can also break the data down by individual team member, team, region and line of business. Use this insight to predict when a team member is going to meet their quota or when the whole team is forecasted to meet its goal.


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